Gorges of river Lima

In the summer, the main descent of the river Lima is unavailable to do due to the lack of water, but we do offer an exploration in the beautiful untouched throats of the river Lima, set in Scesta. The trip takes you through this beautiful gorge where you do gorge walking and where you can jump in to the water from cliffs, slide down rapids and just have some pure fun climbing and swimming.


Gorge walking

Gorges of river Lima
40 €
From june to september
  • We provide all the technical stuff
  • Duration: about 2 h
  • What to bring: sport shoes, jersey lycra or fleece / wool bathing suit (worn), spareunderwear, a towel / bathrobe.

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Meeting Point

Meeting point with shower and dressing room: TENNIS CLUB MIRAFIUME, Viale Roma, 53 – BAGNI DI LUCCA.